I’ve been day trading the stock market for a living since 2010 and profitably since 2011! It can be either the best job in the world or the worst, but one thing is for sure it is always exciting.  In this blog I will be documenting my ups and downs day trading, sharing some of the tools I use, and experiences I have been through.

A lot of the people I see write on this topic tend to show only their winning trades and are constantly trying to sell products, advice, “fool proof strategies”, 90% win rate systems GUARANTEED to PROFIT, these are all 95.5% bullshit.  In fact days after creating a stock twits account, and keeping it completely inactive I had several “followers” all offering to sell me their systems.  My dad always told me “If these guys actually have a trading system that works as well as they claim, they would be retired and sitting on the beach with a drink in their hand right now, not selling it for the low low price of $199.99.”  I’m not trying to sell anything or give any advice, I just want to give an honest insight to what it’s like to trade professionally by being completely transparent in my results.

While day trading will remain the focus of this blog I love the idea of being your own boss in whatever it is you decide to do, so in that spirit I will do my best to document my trials in any other form of income generation. Whether that be from blogging ad revenue, drop shipping, affiliate marketing, publishing an e-book, etc. I will post the costs and revenues associated with each.

I’ve read countless articles on blogs on becoming wealthy and retiring early and the vast majority of them focus primarily on saving, this blog to be focused on EARNING.