March 1, 2017 Greedy Ram 0Comment

This is how I set up my computers for day trading. It’s pictured above.

I have two computers that each run dual screen monitors.

I won’t get into the specs of the computers because basically any computer you can buy in 2017 should be able to run trading software. Nothing I have requires insane amounts of computing power.

I’ll make this post short and sweet and just go over what I use.

Top Left Monitor:  This is where I have my stock screeners. I’ve been using Tradeideas for this recently and have been liking their service.

Bottom Left Monitor: Charts, charts, and more charts. I’ve been using esignal for years, they are a  great yet expensive service.

Top Right Monitor: Usually support chat for my trading software.

Bottom Right Monitor: My trading software,(its proprietary so I had to blank some things out).  But it’s basically just level 2s, time and sales, blotter and order  log.

And that’s it! Screen space is pretty important for traders, I could go down to 3 monitors pretty easily but anything less than that would be tough and require some serious adjustments.


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